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1. Can I really buy at wholesale prices?

Yes, and it won’t cost anything to prove it to yourself. Just send us a list of your cabinets and we’ll send you a quote.

2. Which brand names do you carry?

Decora, Kitchencraft, Diamond, Schrock, Kemper, Aristokraft, Homecrest  Kitchen Cabinets by Masterbrand.

All cabinet lines are covered by the Masterbrand’s “Lifetime Limited Warranty”.

We also have access to many other cabinet lines.
It’s all about budget.
$ Conservative; $$ Flexible; $$$ Generous.

3. Does Masterbrand make Thomasville and Diamond Cabinetry?

Yes they do, in fact Diamond, Thomasville, Schrock, Homecrest, Aristocraft and Kemper have the same identical construction, but may differ in fashion elements (door styles, finishes) with the various brands, much the same way Chevrolet and GMC trucks are and some Ford and Mercury car models.

4. What are the delivery charges?

Our residential truck delivery service charge is $150. Condos or multi units with elevator or stairs $250.

5. Where can I get sketches and a cabinet list?

Visit the Specification Book and put together a list of parts. If you have already received a quote elsewhere, and have a list of parts and sketch, just fax or email us a copy.

6.Do you charge sales tax?

Florida counties differ slightly, but generally 6%.

7. How do I get a price quote?

Simply fax or e-mail your detailed list. Our fax number is 954-766-4418, or e-mail address is buildersdirectkitchens@gmail.com.

8. Can you send a price list?

With over 10,000 parts, 300 door styles and finishes, no we can’t, but if you send us your list of cabinets, we will be happy to price it for you.

9. If I order the wrong cabinet can it be returned?

We have a fool proof system of checking that all the required information is accurate. Unless you don’t know how to use a measuring tap there shouldn’t be any problems. We can guarantee you will save hundreds of dollars, but you must be responsible for what you order.

10. Can you compete against the giant home centers?

Yes, Yes and Yes! And you will be amazed at the savings.

11.How can your pricing be so good?

Since our customers are doing the measuring and designing of their new kitchens we get to eliminate that entire layer of overhead and our customers reap the savings. We will critique your drawing making sure there are no design errors. It happens.

12.Do you carry either the Kraftmaid or American Woodmark Brands of cabinets?

Sorry, we don’t but you’ll find our lines are very similar to both. They all have the same basic construction and almost identical door styles, with a few exceptions.

13. Once I place an order how long will it take to actually receive the cabinets?

Besides our great pricing, this is where we really shine. Your factory direct order will be delivered into your home in 15 to 20 business days. We will give you plenty of advance notice.

14. What kind of warranty do you have?

A Lifetime Limited Warranty from the manufacturer.

15. Do you ever have sales?

Every day is a sale with us.

16. Are your cabinets environmentally friendly?

Our cabinets are certified in The Environmental Steward Program.

17. Are your cabinets made in China and assembled in the United States?

No, they are made and assembled in the “Good Old U.S.A.” They also meet all of the standards of the Kitchen Cabinets Manufactures Association. Some wood components are manufactured in Canada, that’s good, right.

18. Do you have an installation guide?

Sure, just go to (Install Guide)

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If you have any questions about any of the above or would like to inquire about something that you don’t see on this page, simply contact or call us today at 954-766-4418.